Who is Dr. Erica Steele?

Dr. Steele is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, a Public Health Educator, a Public Speaker, and National Media Expert.

From an early age, Dr Steele, was fascinated by the body’s ability to heal iteself. A Product of two marines, she was raised as a Vegetarain and a practicing Native American. She has an electric upbringing that lends to her wisdom as a Holistic Doctor. She combines knowledge agained from her 6 Degrees in Natural Healthcare along with Practical Tips and Wisdom gained from her life of expanding her consciousness and self healing.

Dr. Steele can speak on various topics, and provides a personalized message designed for you and your audiance.
Dr. Steele has helped transform the lives of ever 30 thoursand people.

She is diverse and dynamic speaker with experience in speaking to large groups about


Holistic Healthcare, Women’s Health, Nutrition, Motivation, and even Children’s programming.

With years of experience in the media on
Podcasts, Radio, Television, and

Webinars she can eclucate in different settings ranging from church groups, schools, seminars, and workshops of various sizes.

Dr. Steele is able to offer various workshops renging from experiential to more educational in mulliple structures. Classes can be offered as single sessions or in a series for continued education.

Inquiry Today to see how Dr. Steele

Can Make A Lasting Impacting

On your next retreat, conference, webinar, seminar, or workshop.

Meet Dr. Erica Steele?

She is highly educated, experience public health educator and speaker who can bring and element of experience to your event.


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